Baby girl wearing bloomers

Is there anything cuter than a baby girl wearing bloomers?


Nope. I don’t think so.

I made this pair of bloomers for Shorts On The Line sewalong. If you aren’t following that series, you should. You will find some fabulous and cute shorts popping out.

My baby girl turns 3 next month. Can I still call her “baby”?


I noticed that Japanese people LOVE bloomers. Not so long ago, Japanese school age girls were wearing bloomers for their gymnastic class at school (Yes, I had worn them!). There is even Japanese word for bloomers, “Kabocha pants” which means pumpkin pants cause their shape look like pumpkins.


Well said. (I didn’t ask her to show her belly. She just showed it in almost 70% of photos I took at this photoshoot 😦 )

I bought PJ for T after coming back to Japan and its pants were bloomers. I bought a pair of shorts for T to changing clothes for her daycare and they were bloomers. And they looked so adorable on her.

When I noticed the cuteness of bloomers on baby girl, I got upset. ‘Cause she turns 3 next month, I had to make and wear her bloomers ASAP!


It was really fast project. I used a pair of culottes pattern from Japanese Sewing Book and added elastic at the hems.


I think more and more baby girls should wear bloomers because they are cute!!

The fabric I used was which I bought at Nippori Senni-gai (Fabric street in Nippori, Tokyo) when I was staying at my parents’ house in Tokyo, during June.


It’s called “ripple” which had tiny wavy ripples on it. I’m not sure there is same kind of fabric in western countries. These fabrics are mostly used for Yukata (summer Kimono) and Jinbei (traditional Japanese summer kids clothes).

I will make another pair of shorts for me with this same fabric which I looove for Shorts On The Line. Possibly 🙂


Happy Sewing!

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3 thoughts on “Baby girl wearing bloomers

  1. marisa says:

    The bloomers are so cute! There’s a Korean girl in the class I work with (at primary school) and she wears lacy white bloomers under her schooldress, so sweet! So maybe Koreans like them too 🙂

    As for your ‘baby’, I think you can call her a baby for as long as you like – or at least, as long as she’s your youngest child!

    • Shino says:

      Thanks! Well, maybe Koreans love them too and I adore lacy white bloomers.. that might be the cutest 🙂 Okay. I’ll call her “baby” at least she enter Elementary!

  2. […] think this is so hard and it will make your garment more adjustable. Actually, after making the bloomers for T, I tried it on and cut elastics a few inches (that bloomers have same […]

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