Another Shorts On The Line

As I wrote in my last post, I made another pair of shorts, and they are for me this time using same fabric I made bloomers for T.


The pattern is from Japanese Indie Sewing pattern company, Rick Rack. It seems like they don’t have anything in English 😦 They sell only paper patterns (and some fabrics) so it must be hard for you guys to buy them.

Not so many Japanese indie designers sell PDF patterns. That is why I started buying PDF patterns from all over the world when I was in the US. Now I’m in Japan so I could buy this pattern and it arrived very soon in my house’s mailbox.. I wish more indie designers offer PDF version.

This pair of shorts looks like “culottes”.


It has side pockets and they are finished very well (in the way I’d never seen). I used same fabric as I made bloomers for T. It is summery sheer wavy kind of fabric, which is called “ripple” here in Japan.


This pair of shorts has elastic wais band which has three elastics inside. I will write a tutorial to make this kind of elastic waist band which has opening for the elastic (hopefully soon). I think this is one of unique features of Japanese Sewing Patterns.


And yes. I’m wearing “ONLY MADE WITH SERGER TOP” for the top. Oh, I was thinking about making tutorial for this kind of hem finishing with serger… (not yet made).

Anyway, I’m very glad I could finish this (well, it was VERY fast sewing. It took about three hours or so) during Shorts On The Line (I submitted this pair and bloomers in sew-along. If you like them, go Kollabora and heart them :)). And I really love this pair. It’s so summery. I will definitely wear this pretty almost everyday rest of this summer.


And did I say I had another pair of shorts waiting on the line to be blogged? Wow. Stay tuned!

Happy Sewing!

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One thought on “Another Shorts On The Line

  1. […] I’m not sure what to call this type of waistbands. It has openings even after you finish it so if you need you can change elastics (in case your elastic has gone slack) or you can adjust the lengths. You can see elastics inside of elastic casings even after finishing the garments, like the photo above (this is my shorts blogged here). […]

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