“Sew Japanese” Announcement

Today, I have a kind of biiiiiig announcement! “Sew Japanese” sewing series will start September 8th with some awesome bloggers!!



Since I’m Japanese, I’ve been thinking about writing about Japanese Sewing Books. I started sewing from December of 2012 and noticed so many sewers like to sew using Japanese Sewing Books even without knowing Japanese. That’s incredibly wonderful, and I’ve been thinking what I could do for people who sewed Japanese Sewing Books.Because I can totally understand Japanese.

There were some sewing series with Japanese Sewing Books themed, like the one hosted by Cherie (You and Mie) and Sew-Alongs hosted by Cherie(again :)) and Meg (Elsie Marley). I thought what I could do now? And this is (one of) my answer.

Sew Japanese sewing series starts September 8th and runs through 12th. The theme of this series will be the authors (pattern designers) behind these books. There are some notes written by the authors in these books and I’ve known about their styles from those notes. I will write about each of authors’ style.

Everyday, there will be a featured blogger who will sew a garment from following Japanese Sewing Books.

September 8th    Ajaire.P (Call Ajaire) / “Pattern Label’s Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson Book
September 10th  Teri (Climbing the willow) / “Cute girl clothes
September 11th  Marisa (thirtynine) / “Girl’s fashionable and pretty clothes
September 12th  Marta (Do Guincho) / “SWEET GIRLS CLOTHES
How exciting!? I can’t wait to see their creations!
And what about me? Yes, I will join too! And I will use my newest Japanese Sewing Book which I bought after moving back to Japan 🙂 My post will be on September 9th, Tuesday and make something from this book, “I love to make these girls’ clothes” (it’s a weird title, isn’t it?).
 This is gonna be awesome! Come back and see what Ajaire made on Sep 8th!!



8 thoughts on ““Sew Japanese” Announcement

  1. Fantastic Shino! I love the idea of your new series. I have only sewn from translated Japanese sewing books, but I think this is a good way to become familiar with the layout of the patterns and adding seam allowances etc. I think I could tackle patterns in Japanese now. Looking forward to the series 🙂

  2. marisa says:

    I’m SO happy to have an excuse to sew something new from one of my Japanese books! And I’ll be watching this space to see what you and the other participants come up with 🙂

  3. Looks like fun Shino! I have that Sweet Girl’s clothes in my etsy cart… Really must buy it. For me it’s Yuki Araki all the way, but I look forward to seeing some sewing from the other books.

  4. Ajaire says:

    I’m excited to join in on this series! 🙂

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