Willow and co outfit in totally Japanese-y landscape


Just before I came back to Japan, I met one sewing blogger. She is very talented, her skill of photography is superb and she makes everything beautiful for her (also) beautiful daughter.

Yes. I met Vanessa from LBG Studio.

We happened to live in a same state which was Alabama and our houses were in about one hour drive. I noticed that fact when there was a snow catastorophe in Al last winter. She was talking about snow in Alabama on her blog and I got so excited to find out the fact we live in the same state (of course I had been following her blog for long).

I sent her an email and we got to know each other. And we finally met at the zoo and had a play date just before we left there. She was sweet and her daughter, Syd was as beautiful as in her photos. We enjoyed the time together. That was the first and the last meeting with sewing blogger while I was in the US.

So. I’ve been wanted to sew her Aster Cardigan since then. And there is a sewing contest on Willow & co blog. Then, why not!?


First, let’s talk about the dress. I sewed up Persimmon Sundress. I bought this fabric for making this dress and it was perfect. But I only had one yard of it and I really wanted to add a ruffle on the hem, I made the dress double layered.


The original dress has two options, to add the lining or the facing. I decided to add another layer of fabric instead of the lining. I used light blue double gauze. I cut using the lining piece pattern and added two of 4 1/2″ x selvage to selvage ruffles to the hem.

The fabric is from SouSou which is a Japanese company making Japanese traditional clothes in comtemporary style. And they also sell some of their designed fabric. This one is called “Chizimi cotton” which is traditional Japanese fabric and it has a stretch like knit fabrics.


Then, I made Aster Cardigan. Finally.


I used a grey metalic dot knit (I might have bought from GirlCharlee) for the main fabric. And I added the same fabric from the dress for the piping of the collar.


I noticed my fabric choice was totally wrong just after started sewing. First, this fabric can’t be ironed because these tiny metalic dots would be burned 😦 Second, this fabric was bit too thin for this project. I added the interfacing on both of the front placket and the collar but the collar got a bit wiggly.


But I’ve been adored this look, a tiny cardigan on a tiny girl. So, I’m very satisfied with the result.

And what this blog title means? We had a photoshoot in the rice field. Have you ever seen the rice field? Well, maybe some of you have. It’s already the harvest season of the rice here, so most of the rice field has been cropped. Luckily we had this view so we could take the last minute photoshoot with the rice field.

I grew up in Tokyo, the capital of Japan and one of the biggest city in the world. So I had never seen these “rice field” landscape. I saw it in the movie, “Totoro” and got very impressed. I’m not sure but this landscape might be embedded into DNA of us Japanese. This landscape makes me feel nostalgic.

Anyway, I sewed up Aster Cardigan and I also sewed up the outfit for the willow&co contest. Phew! So glad I did.

I will come back here with some adjustment announcement about “Sew Japanese” series. We will have another blogger to participate!



Happy Sewing!



12 thoughts on “Willow and co outfit in totally Japanese-y landscape

  1. Heidi says:

    Ooooh. I love this combo! Now I’m quite sure my daughter needs a persimmon/aster combo for fall as well! Yours is just beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous Shino! The Aster is one of my favourite patterns ever!! So fun that you got to meet Vanessa & Syd before you left the US 🙂

  3. marisa says:

    The dress looks great with the white under-layer – and such beautiful fabric. I made some leggings for R from a metallic-spotted knit fabric similar to your cardigan one, but the dots started to rub off when she wore them – so annoying. It’s a very cute cardi even if you can’t iron it 🙂

    • Shino says:

      Oh my! Those metalic dots on the fabric does not rub off but got burned with the ironing 😦 Hmm.. seems like we need to be careful about metalic dots!

  4. Marta says:

    I love this two patterns! And you have made a great outfit with them, Shino.
    The dress fabric is absolutely lovely Nd it goes so nicely with the slightly edgier knit for. The cardigan.
    The rice landscape is gorgeous! We have it Portugal too. Actually, my parents have a rice field in their farm just outside of Lisbon. The landscape there is also breathtaking!

  5. Audrey says:

    I’ve been craving an Aster! Yours is soooo pretty!

  6. […] When I finished the Willow and co. outfit for T, A wanted to make a dress for her. It was unusual. Because she is mostly like, “Oh Mom, you should make dresses for T. I don’t need them any more.”. But well, I haven’t made dresses for her lately because of all the moving and mostly sewing for me (I confess that I bought some second hand clothes at Garage sale and consignment sale early Spring for A to skip making her clothes to make more for me! Oops). So, it might be natural for her to need some new dresses and I was happy to sew for her. […]

  7. […] two patterns for that project, Aster Cardigan and Senna tote, both of them are awesome. I had made one Aster so far and am planning when to start making […]

  8. […] is one of the designer of Willow & Co. She released two patterns there, Aster cardigan which I had made one so far and Senna tote, which I’ve been planning when to start for […]

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