My Fall Wardrobe / Part.1

Last week was fun but very busy too. It was fun for me to know more about those Japanese pattern designers. In case you missed what was going on last week, you can read it here. And during that series, I finished making a dress for A (Origami Dress). So. Next up is sewing for me, of course.

When I finished the Willow and co. outfit for T, A wanted to make a dress for her. It was unusual. Because she is mostly like, “Oh Mom, you should make dresses for T. I don’t need them any more.”. But well, I haven’t made dresses for her lately because of all the moving and mostly sewing for me (I confess that I bought some second hand clothes at Garage sale and consignment sale early Spring for A to skip making her clothes to make more for me! Oops). So, it might be natural for her to need some new dresses and I was happy to sew for her.

And now, I needed some new clothes for upcoming Fall!

The weather is really nice here now. Not so hot, not so cool. Though it gets a bit cool during the night, we still can spend daytime in short sleeves (and it is a bit too warm to wear the long sleeves during day time).

So, this look needs some time to be worn but I’m sure I’ll wear this outfit like everyday as soon as weather gets cooler. Because I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!


The top is Perri Pullover from Cali Faye Collection. I bought this pattern soon after it was released. I printed out, assembled it and even cut this fabric before I left the US. Then it was saved in “to be sewn next time maybe” pile… for a few months. And I am totally glad I finished this.


I didn’t modified the pattern but I think I need to shorten the length and sleeve length. The fabric is from JoAnn (oh, it sounds so nostalgic for me) and maybe I bought this last fall. Maybe. It is sweater knit fabric with some metalic thread.


Yes. It was so hard to sew with. I was so glad I had a serger. Other than too stretchy fabric problem, the pattern was easy to sew.


I really love this slouchy and relaxed style. First I finished this top and thought about the bottom, “Hmm… maybe I don’t have good bottoms to go with this, well I should make one” 🙂

So, I decided to make a pair of legging pants. I’m not sure there is such a word but there is in Japan. It is a pair of leggings made with not-knit fabric (woven with some stretch). Like Hosh Pants. Yes. I used same fabric with the one I used to make Hosh Pants for A. (oh, and this fabric is also from JoAnn… )

The pattern is from Japanese Indie pattern company, Couleure. This company sells paper patterns which includes seam allowances. So that you just need to cut them out and can use them. The website says they send overseas but they are written only in Japanese. I think they have some awesome patterns. You can see exact pattern I used here.

I made seam allowances for the side seams and inseams bit bigger and shortened length and it fitted me perfectly.


It looks very CRAZY by itself. But when paired with this top, you can tolerate it. Right?


I’m very satisfied with the fact, I used some awaiting fabrics and a pattern and made a great outfit perfect for Fall.

Now I need to make another version of this exact outfit.

Happy Sewing 🙂


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10 thoughts on “My Fall Wardrobe / Part.1

  1. Wow that is a seriously awesome outfit! Love it, the pants look brilliant with the grey top and styled with your necklace, all just lovely.
    I’m very jealous that you look so incredibly comfortable and stylish at the same time! Well done.

  2. marisa says:

    Shino what a STUNNING outfit! And I love the pullover teamed with the colourful leggings/pants – just perfect.

  3. Annika says:

    I love the whole look!

  4. Teri says:

    I love this outfit! The fabric combination is perfect!

  5. Shannon says:

    I also purchased, printed, and assembled the pattern as soon as it came out! 🙂 But, I have yet to sew it up. 😦 I was wondering how tall you are? I’m just shy of 5 ft. and am wondering where the top will fall on me if I don’t make any modifications. Great job with the top and leggings!

    • Shino says:

      I’m about 5 feet tall too! And the knit fabric I used for this top was very strectchy so if you use the fabric with less stretch, it won’t be so long like this. It sure is a great pattern!

  6. This outfit is amazing. I want this exact one for myself! And I would totally wear those floral skinny jeans every day. Floral skinnies are my current obsession. 🙂

  7. […] Do you know Cali Faye Collection? If not, you need to check it out. It’s an Indie sewing pattern brand and has very stylish collection for women and girls. I had made one of its pattern, Perri Pullover (for me) and you can read about it here. […]

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