Shop open (edited October 1st)

*So sorry. My shop is under construction now (October 1st). It will open again around the end of October. I’m having an payment issue now and I’m sure when you tried to buy my fabrics you couldn’t do it… so sorry! I will fix the problem ASAP and come back! I will announce re-opening and give you away another coupon code and will have a giveaway!!*

Today I opened my shop on Etsy.


Yes. I’d been thinking about that for a while. After returning back Japan from the US, I wanted to start something related to my love for sewing. I was working before I moved to the US and was to start working again when I came back. But I got sick and it got a bit hard for me to do same career.

For now, this is what I want to do as my job here. Japanese Fabric shop!


We have really great quality fabrics in Japan and I’d love to introduce them all over the world. Not only naniIro or Kokka. There are plenty more!


And I also love to introduce fabrics which are great for sewing garments, like knit, wool, linen and more. I love to sew clothes, so it will be great for me to find out great garment sewing fabrics more and more!


There are only 10 listings on my shop now, but as soon as I get back natural lights (it’s raining here today :(), I will take pics and uploads more goodies 🙂

Also, I will come back with a giveaway of these fabrics! So please check back!


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4 thoughts on “Shop open (edited October 1st)

  1. marta says:

    Wow, Shino! That’s great news! I love Japanese fabrics!

  2. marisa says:

    Great idea, Shino, best wishes for your new shop 🙂

  3. Good luck with your new venture Shino!!

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