Kayo Horaguchi Fabric (edited Oct 1st)

*So sorry. My shop is under construction now. It will open again around the end of October. I’m having an payment issue now and I’m sure when you tried to buy my fabrics you couldn’t do it… so sorry! I will fix the problem ASAP and come back! I will announce re-opening and give you away another coupon code and will have a giveaway!!*

Today, I’d like to introduce you a Japanese fabric designer, Kayo Horaguchi and her fabrics.

I have 5 listings of her fabrics in my shop. They are all double gauze fabric. You can see all of them here.


(Horaguchi Kayo Double Gauze “Hide And Seek” Pink)

She is a Japanese textile designer. She started her career as an apparel designer. From 2006, she has worked as a freelance graphic designer. She uses girls, plants and animals for the graphic motifs and specialized in vivid and colorful graphics.

I had used her fabrics before some time and fell in love with them.


This Caroline Party Dress was made using her fabric for the main fabric. I bought this fabric when I was in the US on Internet (the shop was in the US). It’s cotton lawn fabric and it has flowers and fish (!).


And I also used her fabric in this “Louisa meets Swing Skirt Dress”.


The bodice fabric is her cotton canvas fabric (which I got during Great Fabric Destash).


You see some mushrooms, deer, flowers and plants.. If you look closer, you will find so many different things in vivid colors. But when it is made to a garment, those graphics don’t bother whole look.


That’s why I love her design.

And last week, I made a lesson bag for A using her fabric. Again.


This is also cotton canvas and it has music related motifs. I thought this was perfect for my daughter’s piano lesson bag.


The main navy fabric is cotton canvas and blue bow is made with denim like fabric. I used a lesson bag pattern from
Yuki Araki’s book.


Please take a look at her fabrics in my shop 🙂

Happy Sewing!


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5 thoughts on “Kayo Horaguchi Fabric (edited Oct 1st)

  1. Annika says:

    Oh I love these fabrics, but I HATE coupon codes – it’s almost impossible to not buy something then 😉 Soooo tempted 🙂

  2. Olga Becker says:

    The fabric is gorgeous, Shino!

  3. […] used a cotton canvas print designed by Kayo Horaguchi. I carry her Double Gauze fabrics in my fabric shop, so if you fell in love with her beautiful […]

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