Abilmente Giveaway!!

Did you know anything about Abilmente? No. I’d never heard about that till recently, Annika (Nah-Connection) contacted me about that craft fair in Italy. Annika is there now and sewing clothes using pattern from Compagnie.M. Yes. She’s sewing there! WOW.

Annika contacted me just after I opened my tiny fabric shop on Etsy because she wanted me to join in their giveaway. Annika and Marte (Compagnie.M) decided to have a giveaway for Abilmente. And it is HUGE!!


Do you see that says, “Total value -2300$”? OMG. I. WANNA. WIN. (and I just wanna go there. I. LOVE. ITALY)

Just click the pic above and read about the giveaway. ENTER!!


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