KCW 14 Oct / Two Bimaa Sweaters

It’s Kids Clothes Week this week and today is Day…? I’m not sure because there is a time lag between here in Japan and US (where people hosting KCW live in, I guess), so it’s hard to understand when is Day.1 or 2 or 3 or… Well, anyway, it’s still KCW today, I think.

And I made three garments for my kiddos for now. Today I write about two of them. Two Bimaa Sweaters!


I had made one Bimaa when I had only my regular sewing machine (you can read about it here). I got my serger January, this year and started using it in June. I noticed when I made Julia cardigan lately (here), it was so much faster sewing it with a serger than using my regular machine. Well, of course. But till now, I hadn’t use same patterns which I had made with regular sewing machine.


And. Bimaa.

This time, I sewed them up with serger. Only with my serger. And that was like …. in a blink of an eye. Well, maybe in a half hour or so to finish sewing one Bimaa. Oh, my serger totally saved my KCW!


This one is hooded version and I LOVE this one. The fabric is from MY SHOP (offering 25% off coupon right now!). Japanese Interlock Knit fabric and I LOVE it.




I lined a hood with pink knit which was Target sheet.. it’s hard to see from this pic though. Anyway, I really liked the result.


Another one is cowl version and I used the knit fabric which I got from GirlCharlee a while ago.


I can’t say enough how I like Bimaa pattern. It has hoodie, cowl and shawl collar versions. I think it runs skinny side, so perfectly suits my super skinny girl. All of my girls’ fall/winter casual tops could be made with this pattern only, I think. And Sarah is now editing the pattern and adding some bigger sizes.. WOW!


It’s just perfect for girls’ everyday clothes. I’m so glad I could make some fall staples for A because she didn’t have any long sleeve tops. Ha. I forgot BUYING clothes for my girls since I’ve been making most of them.


This is a pic with her little sister wearing Miffy-Norah Dress I made for her. I’ll write about this dress tomorrow.. or so.

How is your KCW going? Having fun? Happy KCW!

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9 thoughts on “KCW 14 Oct / Two Bimaa Sweaters

  1. Annika says:

    I love your bimaas. and especially the first pic is gorgeous! plus i’m now really starting to long for a serger. a bimaa in half an hour? how cool is this?

  2. Teri says:

    I love both Bimaas, and the fabric on the hooded one is absolutely perfect!

  3. arch190 says:

    Your bimaas are fantastic!
    I’m a big fan of this pattern and use it a lot.

  4. Marta says:

    Gorgeous shirts! Such cool fabrics for a great pattern…

  5. […] finish it during KCW. I changed my plan and decided to make it for this series. I ended up making two Bimaas and one Miffy inspired dress during […]

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