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My sewing and blogging friend Renee (Nearest the pin) invited me to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop, well it was a bit while ago. Anyway, it’s a great way to get to know each other little bit more and find some great new blogs to follow.  I’ve invited two of my favourite international bloggers to join the blog hop – you’ll see who they are in the end of this post 🙂

The blog hop challenge, involves a few questions.

What am I working on?

Actually, I’m taking a little break from sewing, because it was Kids Clothes Week last week and I finished three garments. I got a bit tired and needed some rest 🙂 But soon I’ll start working on some sewing, well of course sewing, especially sewing for fall/winter. It started getting cooler and cooler here in Japan lately so I seriously need some long sleeve tops and cardigans, and even some outers.  And can’t forget to mention, I just started my new adventure, my tiny fabric shop! I’m working hard on making it a success. You can visit my shop here 🙂 It’s tiny but full of unique and fabulous Japanese fabrics like these!


linenchambrey04 forestanimal02e

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I started sewing when I was staying in US (and I am native Japanese). I had noticed some differences between Japan and US (and other countries) in sewing and Fashion style, like the simplicity and the modesty of Japanese sewing patterns.Though those PDF patterns from US (and other western culture countries)  are very trend-forward and fashionable. I love to mix them. I love to sew with simple Japanese pattern using bold and vivid graphic printed US fabric. I also love to sew with cute and edgy PDF patterns using simple and neutral Japanese fabric.


Why do I write / create what I do?

Well, I’ve loved writing things. It makes my thoughts a little bit clearer. Sometimes I could understand about me more by writing things. So I write. And I started sewing and addicted to it, then, why not write about it!?


Also, I noticed after starting my blog, this is a great way to capture the moments of my kids. They grow up too fast and it’s hard to remember everything. Though I cut off their faces mostly, I still love to see a bit old posts and look back how cute they were used to be.


And how cute they ARE!


How does the writing / creating process work?

I have a looooong list of “to sew” patterns and a huuuuge pile of the fabrics “to sew”. So, I should simply go there and just find some great combination of the fabric and the pattern. Oh, things don’t go like that simple in reality. I’m always attracted by new patterns coming from those talented ladies all over the world. Or I find new sewing books in the book store here in Japan. Then, I just meet some fabrics “I need to have” though I already have much. Ha.

Anyway, I’m always looking for the perfect combination of the fabric and the pattern. When everything went well, the finished project would look like this. Perfect. Right?


Okay. I talked about me enough, I think. Let’s move on to the introduction of next blog hoppers!

First one is one of my newest sewing friends, Patty from Patty Made It!.

I met her through Instagram and got to know each other through my Sew Japanese series. She had already made a blouse from FU-KO’s book which I used for that series before that series. I got very impressed with her beautiful creations and awesome photos.



I sent an email talking about Patty’s blog to Mayumi who was the designer of FU-KO Basics and I got a reply that said she was very moved by the facts people overseas sewed clothes using her pattern. I really think this kind of thing is awesome. I can be friends with sewing lovers all over the world and give-get inspirations each other.

If you don’t know her yet, you should visit her blog and see wonderful photos. Patty Made It!.

Next blogger might be familiar to some of my readers already. She is Sara from Made-by-Sara.

I got to know each other with her through some pattern testing and I fell in love with her style (and her girls’ cuteness!). She’s making clothes in really fast pace, you’ll definitely find something you love in her blog.



She’s another sewing blogger from Portugal and I say, I love everything about Portugal. I must go there someday. What a perfect backdrop for the photoshoot is this wall!?

Just in case you don’t know her blog yet, go and admire their adorableness. now. Made-by-Sara.

Let’s have a cup of coffee and take a look at these new or familiar blogs. Happy Sewing!

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6 thoughts on “Around the World Blog Hop

  1. Sara Soares says:

    Aww… Thank you! {I am blushing now… 🙂 }
    The thing I love the most about all this sewing blogs community is that I get to know fantastic people like you Shino! I love everything you make (humm… I think I may have said that a few times already… 🙂 ). And I have always been fascinated by the Japanese aesthetics and design, patterns, styling… Going to Japan is definitely one of my dream trips! And you are welcome to come to Portugal anytime! Me and the other portuguese sewing bloggers would love that!

    • Shino says:

      Yes, meeting fantastic sewer from all around the world is the best thing you get from having a sewing blog! Oh, I really really would love to visit Portugal… and meet some portuguese bloggers in person!

  2. orejak says:

    Oh wow!!! what a nice surprise! Nice way to start the day and find this nice present on my computer. I love your blog Shino and your Instagram, I think I wouldn’t mind to live in Japan and visit all the fabric stores there and meet the great designers you guys have. I’m kind of new here in the “blogosphere” but Sara is right, you end up meeting amazing people from all over and you become addicted to their blogs or Instagrams because you get inspiration from them everyday. Hopefully in a very short future I will come to Japan and visit you, I know you just left California, and its too bad our paths never met, who knows…might be Japan!!! Thanks Shino.

    • Shino says:

      You are totally welcome to visit Japan and my family! I’m so glad our virtual paths had met on Instagram. Looking forward to seeing your blog hop post!

      • orejak says:

        Thanks Shino! I have been sewing some stuff that I want to put up on my blog, but my little model has been refusing to let me take photos of her wearing them all. I think Saturday I will blogging and hopefully Sunday I can finally do my blog hop as well!!!
        I love meeting such nice people like you on the web, I have to say, that if you use internet in a smart way, wonderful things can come out of it!!! Happy week!!!

  3. Loved learning more about you Shino – your sewing is beautiful!!

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