Sunday Picnic Dress Blog Tour (and a discount code!)

Today, I’m on the blog tour of the newest pattern released from SewPony Vintage, Sunday Picnic Dress.


I was lucky enough to test this pattern. This dress pattern has many options which makes this pattern versatile for many occasions and you can mix and match those options easily. It has three sleeve options, sleeveless, elbow lengths and long sleeves. You can add buttons and a on the front (faux) opening. The dress has invisible zipper on the back.


Suz’s pattern style is vintage inspired and I’ve been loving her style. I had made her Debbie’s birthday dress, Little Betty Tops (here and here).


I used a cotton canvas print designed by Kayo Horaguchi. I carry her Double Gauze fabrics in my fabric shop, so if you fell in love with her beautiful print, please visit my shop!


We went to the park for this photoshoot and it was a bit cold. I handed a vest to A.


This vest is what I made last winter for Secret Squirrel sew-along project. It was made with faux fur (which turned out to be a nightmare to sew with 😦 ) and lined with my mom’s old scarf. I still love whole outfit I made for this sew-along and especially this vest. It is really worth to try having a nightmare, ha, because it is so soft and cozy.


You can layer this dress with some vests or cardigans if it get colder!


Let’s get back to this dress. I had a hard time to find “invisible zipper” here in Japan. It was super easy to find in US, I just went to the nearest JoAnn and bought it, done. Even though I have some craft stores around here (and I only had one JoAnn around when I was in US), they didn’t carry “invisible zipper”.

Well, using invisible zippers for handmade clothes might be not so common in Japan, I think. Those craft stores carry usual zippers, but not invisible ones. I don’t remember when was the first time I installed it, but it wasn’t so hard and I loved the result I got. If you are afraid of installing zippers, this pattern will give you a great instruction and I’m sure you will get a great result.


Not so bad, ha?


And as you see some colored leaves behind A through this post, it is Fall here in Japan. And it means, it is “to collect as many acorns as you can when you go to the park” season. So my daughters collected and collected acorns and cause they didn’t have any bags, they put them in the pocket of my bag.

And I noticed, “A, you have two pockets on your dress!”.


And she filled up her pockets with too many acorns and said, “Mom! My pockets are too full!”. Yes, my dear. You can leave some of them for sure.

I have a blog tour buddy today, Renee (Nearest the pin).


Go visit and see how this pattern can be used in different seasons!

Oops, last but not the least, I have a discount code for the pattern!

You can get 15% discount with the code, SUNDAYTOUR15 till Friday 7 November. This will apply to both my big cartel and etsy store.  etsy is good for aussies if they prefer to pay by direct debit.
You can go to Suz’s blog and check all the fantastic Sunday Picnic Dress versions other bloggers made from the banner below.


Thanks Suz for inviting me for the blog tour! Happy Sewing!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Picnic Dress Blog Tour (and a discount code!)

  1. Your dress is beautiful Shino! I love the bright fabric you chose, it contrasts so nicely with the blue on the collar and buttons.

  2. annika says:

    So beautiful. I love the fabric

  3. Jenya says:

    Oh this fabric is just a dream! Such a beautiful romantic dress 🙂

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