Constant Change: Change as you go

Today, I’m on the sewing series called “Constant Change” hosted by my dear sewing and blogging friends, Renee and Jenya.

When Renee contacted me about this sewing series, I thought this series was made for me. Ha. Because I just moved back to Japan from US and other than moving overseas, I just had experienced some big changes of my life recently.

Well, though this sewing series was not made for me (right, Renee?), I still joined in of course.

I was thinking about talking about those big changes I had recently, like moving overseas or the sickness I got last February or starting fabric business just recently.

But I changed my mind. I decided to talk about this outfit I made for this series and how I changed the plan as I went through.


First, I was planning to make an outfit for my daughter, older one, A for this series. Actually I started on that project before last Kids Clothes Week, so it was October, but I couldn’t finish it during KCW. I changed my plan and decided to make it for this series. I ended up making two Bimaas and one Miffy inspired dress during KCW.

After KCW, I struggled with making a handbag and I was dreaming about sewing clothes in the midst of my struggle.

Then, I happened to make two matching Rowan Tees for my daughters for its blog tour.

After finishing them, I thought. I NEED NEW CLOTHES.


So, here is the first change of plan, A’s outfit to my outfit.

I had wanted to make Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio since it was released, so I decided to make it and I had just perfect fabric for that in my shop.

I wanted to make it cropped look but keep the sleeve long. Linden pattern has two versions and I mixed them up.


I made bodice cropped and hemmed (view.B) and kept cuffed long sleeve (view.A). I shortened the sleeve length a bit but I liked this kind of too long sleeve look.

As I said, I had a perfect combination of the fabric for this sweatshirt in my shop, Glittering sweatshirt knit and matching rib knit. This sweatshirt knit is so soft. I can live only in this sweatshirt this winter for sure, or maybe in some more sweatshirts made with same fabric 🙂


When I decided to make Linden, I also wanted to make Archer Buttonup Shirt (also from Grainline Studio). I tried to sew along Alder last summer and of course it didn’t happen. Yes, I always dream big. Ha. As the season changed and the air felt colder, my eyes got caught by some awesome Archers popping out on my Instagram feed.

And yes, again. I have some perfect plaid fabrics in my shop to make some Archers. I printed out, cut and even assembled the pattern, finally. And I chose the fabric.


Perfect, isn’t it?

Before starting to cut the fabric (and it was a bit scary to cut into the PLAID since I wanted it to be matched perfectly), I thought about whole outfit. Grey Linden Sweatshirt, Plaid Archer inside and which bottom should come with them?


With this cropped Linden, I thought it would be awesome to coordinate with high-waisted skirt, but I didn’t have one. I looked for the high-waisted skirt pattern but couldn’t find one I wanted. And while I was looking for the pattern, time had flew away and the deadline was coming close to me.

Then, another change of plan happened. Archer Buttonup Shirt to the high-waisted dress.


I decided to make a dress with high-waisted skirt. So that I didn’t need to make both the top which would go under Linden and the bottom. Time saver!

At the same time, I got an idea of the fabric to make that dress, which I found at my last trip to the thrift store I lived close when I was in US. It was someone’s handmade dress. The fabric of the bodice and the skirt was pleated and had the border print at the bottom of the skirt. I’m not sure about the material but it seemed to be some kind of rayon or silk. It was very soft and beautiful.


Because I decided to upcycle the dress, the fabric amount was limited. I found some long sleeve dress pattern with high-waisted skirt, but it couldn’t happen.

And at last, I found this perfect dress pattern from this Japanese Sewing Book, “Sweet Dress Book
(which is translated to English already). I used pattern R and omitted adding seam allowances while I traced the pattern to make it smaller because the smallest size of this book was still a bit too big for me.

I learned that pleated fabric couldn’t be cut and sewn. These pleats were made after the dress was sewn. I have no idea how to do that. Anyway, I ironed a piece of pleated fabric which was the bodice in the former dress, and cut the ironed fabric for the lower bodice pieces. You can see the stripes which used to be the pleats there.


The pattern called for the gathered skirt, but I just sewed original skirt to the hem of the bodice. It had elastic casing on the top of the skirt so I just sewed the upper seam of the elastic casing with the bodice.

Some changes still happened while I made this dress. And finally, I changed the old, kept in the thrift store lack and sold at $4.98 dress into this, lovely and beautiful dress.


And I finished my outfit for this series, “Constant Change”. Phew!

This is the process of my sewing. Change. Everywhere. All the time.


And I’m so in love with the result, so those changes had paid, right?

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I’m so glad I could take part in this fun series and could be part of these talented sewing ladies!

Be sure to check another blogger who is writing about her “Change” today, Magda from House of Estrela! I have no idea what this talented in so many areas lady is writing about! Go check it here.

And this fun series just kicked out its start so make sure to follow these talented ladies’ posts about their changes!

constant change map

Happy Sewing!




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13 thoughts on “Constant Change: Change as you go

  1. Ha! We may not have made the series only for you Shino, but I certainly thought that you would be a perfect guest, given all your recent life changes!! What a great outfit you have made. The fabric you found for your dress is lovely – what a great find. I really like how it contrasts with the warm and cosy look of your Linden sweatshirt – the fabric looks so comfortable and I like how you kept the sleeves long and cropped the length. Thanks so much for being part of our series x

    • Shino says:

      Thanks! I know you were thinking about my big changes, but I just wanted to have some twist on it 😉 or maybe I just wanted to talk about this outfit more. Haha. I’m in love with this outfit!

  2. Annika says:

    Even though I don’t know you in person, I have the feeling that this outfit is just perfect for you. It just fits…
    And I’m happy that I’m not the only one changing plans constantly…
    Cheers Annika

    • Shino says:

      Let’s see it is true or not when we see each other in person! When will you come visit Japan? 🙂 And I’m happy to find many often mind changing sewers out there too!

  3. Jenya says:

    Shino, your outfit is great! The jumper is very cute, and I just love your dress! So creative! I was smiling while reading your post. I thought I was the only one constantly changing my mind about what I am making next! Right now I have a second pair of shorts ready to cut for LM, but I might wait and make her a dress she has been asking for, or maybe a top I want to make for myself… or just give up and go watch telly with my husband haha Thank you so much for participating in the series!

    • Shino says:

      Haha. Here is another constant mind changing sewer! Well, I think there are too many awesome patterns and fabrics and we have too small time to sew! Thanks for having me for your series!

  4. marisa says:

    Beautiful outfit Shino – that dress is such a stunning colour. I think your example of changing plans just goes to show how creative and flexible you are.

    • Shino says:

      Thanks, Marisa! Can’t believe this dress was sold on the thrift store lack in $4.98…right? We, young kids’ moms need to be flexible, I think. And I love a good coincidence that happens occasionally 🙂

  5. Mieke Jansen says:

    Love it, your outfit! And your story is really too recognisable 🙂 Maybe creative persons are just meant to go with the flow, because look where that brings you!

  6. Sasha says:

    I love ❤❤❤ the look of your Linden… the fabric seems a dream (note to self: must get!) change definitely paid off the entire outfit is simply beautiful and the upcycled empire dress is gorgeous!

    • Shino says:

      Thanks, Sasha! I’m wearing my Linden just now (!) and the fabric is soooo soft and super comfy. I wore that dress yesterday and my two girls were excited about that 🙂 Total win for sure!

  7. […] already made one Linden Sweatshirt (pattern is from Grainline Studio) and fell in love with this pattern. I knew I needed to make some […]

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