2014 recap and.. Year End Sale!

Phew! It’s hard to believe we’ve already passed Christmas and have only three days left of this year.

As you might know, this was the biggest changing year for me as well as my family. I had seizures, was diagnosed as AVM in February and decided to come back to Japan earlier than the schedule. We came back to Japan in June. Both of my girls who had grown up mostly as American girls had to adjust to Japanese culture suddenly. Those sudden changes sure were tough and we had some difficulty adjusting ourselves to new lives. victoria02e

(Victoria Blazer I made for myself in April)

Anyway, now we are all settled here in Japan, enjoying Japanese year end Holidays. Now both of my girls are totally just Japanese girls (though I’m trying hard to keep their English level). origami05e

(Origami Dress for A in September)

And it’s so hard to remember how we spent last holiday. We were relaxing at the beautiful beach resort in Dominican Republic last year’s holiday and my girls got presents from Santa coming from the sky by the helicopter! What a difference! I’m glad we are now settled at our old home safely and somehow healthy. At least, we have all four of our family members in this house together.


(Rowan Tee for T in November)

I wanna say so many thanks to my readers, sewing friends and my customers of my shop. It was great that I could open my tiny fabric shop after coming back to Japan. I was lucky enough to have some great sewing friends who loved to help me promote my shop and had wonderful customers. I’m not sure what next year will bring to me, but I’m sure I’ll keep sewing. Sewing clothes for my girls, for me and maybe for someone else.


As a big thank you from me to all of you, I’m having a shop wide sale now through Jan 4th. Because I’ll be on vacation till Jan 4th, the shipping won’t happen till Jan 5th. If you’re good with this delay, you can get 20% off on everything in my shop! Just use a coupon code, “YEAR2014”!

Hope you’re having great holidays. I have so many things to blog about! So please stay tuned in coming year too. Thanks so muchand have a Happy New Year!

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4 thoughts on “2014 recap and.. Year End Sale!

  1. Happy New Year Shino. Given the curveball thrown at you with your ill health, you’ve achieved so much this year. Sounds like you’re in a happy place now and I’m delighted for you.

  2. Annika says:

    Shino, I really wish you a very happy new year. I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy your new life in Japan and that your illness won’t affect your life to badly. I’m really glad that I was able to get you know during the last year and hope to get to know you even better during 2015!
    Love Annika

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