Happy New Year! (and Floral Linden Sweatshirt)

Happy New Year!

How was your Holidays? We Japanese celebrate a new year more than Christmas as our tradition and I had not celebrated traditional Japanese New Year while I was in the US. So, this year I really felt like, “Oh I’m really in Japan”. Finally.

I won’t make any resolution this year. You know, I had a health issue last year suddenly and all I know is we all don’t know what tomorrow will bring us. So, I won’t make any resolution but just hope to have a healthy year for all four of my family members.

Anyway, this is my first post of 2015 (!) and I show you one of my latest sewing successes.


Yes. Floral Linden Sweatshirt (turned into tunic).

I already made one Linden Sweatshirt (pattern is from Grainline Studio) and fell in love with this pattern. I knew I needed to make some variations and this was one of them.


The fabric is of course from my shop. I just fell in love with these floral sweartshirt fabrics (I also have another colors!) and knew I had to get them. This one’s base color is subtle beige and it perfectly coordinated with the beige rib knit which was also from my shop.

This time, I shortened the sleeve length for about 1″(2.5cm) and it is nice to wear under my coat. To make a Linden Sweatshirt into a Linden tunic, you just need to lengthen the body for your desired length. I did it for about 4″ (10cm).


I once attached a neckband using same fabric with the body but it was totally fail. I had to ripped off the serged seam ( 😦 ) and attached new ribbed neckband. I think it is safe to use a rib knit for the neckband. I always mess up using same fabric with the body for the neckband.


I really like this tunic and had been wearing this like almost everyday since I finished this. I think I need this in another color or maybe finally regular Linden Sweatshirt in another color?


I had made skirts for A, hats for both of my girls, a hat for me lately. I will write posts about them in near future, so please stay tuned 🙂

Happy Sewing! Hope you had a great kick off of 2015 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (and Floral Linden Sweatshirt)

  1. inspinration says:

    It looks like a very comfortable sweater, and I love the fabric.

  2. Jenya says:

    The tunic looks so comfy! Love the print. I am not into making resolutions either as I know htings can change very quickly.

  3. It looks great on you!
    best wishes for a happy, healthy 2015

  4. This looks so comfortable and fun to wear! I’m thinking I need a floral sweatshirt too 🙂

  5. marisa says:

    Happy new year, Shino! Love the sweatshirt print 🙂

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