I’ve been sewing…

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might already have noticed. I’ve been sewing to sell lately. Well, since about the end of the last year. I opened my booth at local craft market in December and opened my shop on online craft market just after that.


(Kids’ Hood + Snood with kitty ears)

I started this from some reasons.

1. I have a HUGE pile of fabric which I bought when I was in the US. It seems like impossible for me to use them up by just sewing clothes for my family. I needed to find a good use of these fabrics and I thought I should have sewed something to sell.

2. I’m not working right now and have some free time that I can use to sew.

3. There is a big trend of craft market kind of things here in Japan now. I just wanted to know more about that trend.

I couldn’t get a satisfying result on a local craft market but could sell some things on an online market.


(Mini tote bag)

I’m sorry that those online craft market don’t offer the customers from overseas (and who don’t understand Japanese) the opportunities to buy things on their market. There sure are some amazing creations and they sure will attract some people in the world.


(Nesting Fabric Bowls)

You can see my shop, here and here if you are interested in.

BTW. We all recovered from the flu finally and got back to our normal days. So glad. And I’m excited about that next week is Kids Clothes Week and its theme is upcycle this time! I have another HUGE pile of fabric to be upcycled. Ha.

Happy Sewing!



One thought on “I’ve been sewing…

  1. Jenya says:

    Oh that hat with kitty ears… Love it so much! It Selling online never worked for me, while local handcrafted markets went well. My daughter gave up daytime sleep so I could not keep up with sewing for markets, besides, I started a blog at about the same time and it was so much fun! I still have heaps of fabric I bought for markets, so when my daughter goes to school I might go back to doing markets 🙂 Good luck with this new adventure 🙂

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