Kids Clothes Week Feb 2015 / Day 1

Oh my, it has begun. Again. Yes, Kids Clothes Week is back again. And the theme is “upcycled”, so why not join this fun?


I decided to use some of my thrifted clothes for this KCW. I chose this one, which I thrifted at local thrift store when I was in the US and was woman’s linen/rayon skirt but didn’t decide on which pattern to make.


I looked up in my pattern stash and finally chose Ethereal Dress by Figgy’s Patterns. I bought this pattern (which was in Heavenly Bundle) just after the bundle was released. I meant to make this dress then, but didn’t have a serger yet. The edge of the frill is needed to be finished with a serger. Though it could be finished with a regular sewing machine using “Rolled hem foot”, I couldn’t find that kind of foot for my sewing machine. So I gave up on making a dress with this pattern then.

I got my serger last January or so but then totally forgot about making this dress. Ha.

And this time, I decided to make this but totally forgot that I needed to finish the edge of the frill with my serger. So, after cutting and assembling patterns and cutting fabric (it was originally thrifted woman’s linen/rayon skirt), I noticed that I didn’t have matching thread for finishing the frill edge. Ugh. I ordered the threads online ASAP and it arrived yesterday.


This was my first time to do “rolled edge stitch” with my serger and man, IT WAS HARD. I don’t know why and I couldn’t finally figure out what was wrong, but the threads got tangled again and again… and it felt like forever for me to get the right stitch… Anyway, (though I don’t want to do that again. NEVER.) I could hardly finish the edge of the frill (though the thread color didn’t match perfectly with the fabric :() and the rest of the sewing went just fine.


And I have to say. I LOVE THIS PATTERN. Oh man, I know I have to tackle that edge stitch again… but I really want to make a dress next time.

Since I didn’t have enough yardage, I changed my plan from making a dress to a blouse. I needed to cut two back bodice because I didn’t have enough yardage to cut it in one piece. I just added 1/2″ to the center back and cut two mirrored pieces. It was a bit tricky to finish the back opening but I could figure how to do that out. I love sewing clothes from upcycled fabrics. Mostly I use thrifted clothes which are very big so that I can use them as fabrics. I still have a big pile of clothes to be “upcycled” so maybe I will write another post with kids clothes made with upcycled fabric this week 🙂 Hopefully.


Happy KCW!


10 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Feb 2015 / Day 1

  1. Jenya says:

    A great tunic! Hope you will work out the rolled hem thing, it really is a great little feature – when it works!

  2. Annika says:

    I really really love that tunic. It turned out wonderful. I have my serger only since some months. Still afraid of everything that isn’t the “normal” setup 😉

  3. marisa says:

    Lovely! And your daughter has such a beautiful smile.

    • Shino says:

      Oh, thanks about A’s smile. She lost three teeth only from her bottom front and new teeth came out like zigzag.. so her smile is not so beautiful, but I love it anyway 🙂

  4. Looks great! Great work on tackling the rolled hem on your serger – I’ve never tried it on mine 🙂

  5. It looks super. There was I thinking you’d deliberately gone with an off-matched thread for a bit of colour contrast, and I thought it was clever. I hope you come to terms with your serger and learn to love tinkering with it!

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