Shake It Off / Nutta Version




I stay up too late, got nothing in my brain
That’s what people say mmm, that’s what people say mm
I sew too many clothes, but I can’t make ’em done
At least that’s what people say mmm, that’s what people say mmm

But I keep making, can’t stop, won’t stop sewing
It’s like I got this music in my body and it’s gonna be alright


What’s going on here?

Well. I sewed along with “Shake It Off” sew along which is held at Paisley Roots. The theme is to make a n outfit which is inspired by Taylor Swift’s song, “Shake It Off” video.

I wasn’t sure I could make it because the deadline is during Kids Clothes Week. And I AM working on another upcycle project (and it is MUCH complicated than the first one :(). But just because I got an idea and couldn’t just let it go, so I decided to make this outfit for me. I know I am crazy. Right?


One of the rules for the contest is to sew at least one garment from the pattern designers Karly listed. I chose Lane Raglan pattern from Hey June because I already had the pattern (even sewed up one already but not blogged yet) and really wanted to make another one.

My outfit is a bit twisted from the outfits which you can see in her original video. It is a Cheerleader inspired sweatshirt and a Ballerina inspired tutu skirt.

As I said, I used Lane Raglan pattern for the sweatshirt. The fabric is gold glittering sweatshirt fabric  and beige rib knit. Both are from my shop.

I wanted to make the sweater like a Cheerleader or with some kind of college sport spirit. So I added a logo. I thought about adding “S” and “H” which are my initials like Taylor’s cheerleader costume had “T” and “S” in the video.


But I ended up adding a number, “76”. Can you guess why I chose this number? You might know Taylor’s newest album’s title, “1989” is a year which she was born. Can you guess now? 1976 is that kind of number for me but I didn’t want to use that 4 letter number so I chose “76” instead.

I did a freezer paper stencil and put “76” on the front body of the sweater. I really liked the result.


(And Yes. I’m wearing my daughter’s tiara as my interpretation of “Swan Lake Ballerina costume” of Taylor’s video. Ha)

And for the tutu skirt, I just cut four rectangles, two tules and two liner fabrics. I just used selvedge to selvedge for the width and cut the length as I wanted it to be. I used rolled stitch of my serger. Again. And it turned out not so bad.


That’s my Shake It Off outfit. I thought I should have done more fun photoshoot, but this was the best for me. I leave you this photo which I tried to act like Taylor. Ha.


Thanks for reading through. I’ll be back with another upcycled project for sure.

Happy Sewing!




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9 thoughts on “Shake It Off / Nutta Version

  1. […] I finished this romper before starting my Shake It Off outfit. Unfortunately, when I tried it on A, it turned out too big so I could see A’s underwear from […]

  2. Audrey says:

    Love it! You are amazing! I think I’m going to have to take a closer look at that gold sweatshirt fabric in your shop! And I totally want a tutu now.

    • Shino says:

      Thanks! Making a tutu skirt (for me) was my long dream. It’s totally not a big deal otherwise you need to gather those sheer fabrics like forever..

  3. Sasha says:

    Love it!!! … the whole thing is very Taylor! You have an amazing sense of humour 🙂

  4. Ha! I had no idea it was you in the first photo. I was thinking how very grown up your daughter was looking in that outfit.

  5. marisa says:

    I haven’t watched this video clip so the references are lost on me, but I just had to say – wow! we get to see your face! And like Shelley, I thought your daughter was looking awfully mature until I scrolled down a bit and saw it was you 🙂

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