Upcycled romper / Kids Clothes Week feb 2015

So I think it is still Kids Clothes Week. Right? Though I’m not sure what day it is now.


And as I told you in the last post, I made another garment for my daughter, in honor of this KCW’s theme, “upcycled”. Original garment looked like this and it was thrifted at a local thrift shop when I was in the US.


You see how big it is. Ha.

First, I was thinking more simple style romper, like no waist, no opening. But I couldn’t throw away those details of the original one, rivets, button tabs and shoulder straps.

I changed my plan to make more traditional romper or should I say overall? I’m not sure, but I decided to make more complicated one anyway.


I used rivets and button tabs from the original one. I’ve never installed rivets and didn’t have to tackle it this time, I just used already installed ones. I didn’t want to sew buttonholes so I used already sewed ones. Anyway, I couldn’t escape from all the sewing buttonhole thing and ended up sewing two, but I managed to do that.

For the front body, I cut original front piece into two (actually two pieces were sewed together in original version too) and cut the width to fit A.


I used original back body but shortened the length. I also used original shoulder straps and shortened them.

Actually, I finished this romper before starting my Shake It Off outfit. Unfortunately, when I tried it on A, it turned out too big so I could see A’s underwear from the side opening and of course it was no good 😦

I fixed that issue by shortening the shoulder straps again and adding the belt on the back.


For the pants part, I combined two pants patterns from Japanese Sewing Books.


This is pattern K from Akiko Mano’s book, “Girls Clothing”. The pants were based on this pattern (and the back belt too) but I thought it was too baggy so I used another pattern to modify the width. The pattern I used to modify the width is this next one from Mayumi Minoha’s book which I told about in this post.


I do think this romper looks super cute on A.


But she is super girly girl so I’m not sure she will wear this. Or not.

A, you’d  better know this romper has even four pockets… “where are they?”


Anyway I’m so satisfied with the fact I upcycled two clothes which had been in “To upcycle” box for about two or three years 🙂 I have to say Thanks to people behind KCW (is it only Meg?) for giving me this very reason to do that.

How was your KCW?

Happy Sewing!

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7 thoughts on “Upcycled romper / Kids Clothes Week feb 2015

  1. Shelly says:

    You did a spectacular job! I love this outfit so much! Makes me want to go the thrift store and make something similar!!!!

  2. It’s brilliant Shino and really looks like it belongs in the pages of a Japanese pattern book. You’re right though about the uber cool stuff not always appealing to our girls. I think she looks awesome in it!

    • Shino says:

      Thanks! I just hope she will wear this at least once or twice.. and hope her little sister will like this style when she grow up (little one said “it’s not kawaii” when she saw this. ugh)

  3. marisa says:

    Very cute! You always seem to find the best stuff in thrift shops, and to know exactly what to make with it!

  4. イサベラ says:

    It looks so comfortable and just sooooo kawaii! ❤

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