Another Lane Raglan

Wow. It’s already been a month since I blogged last time.

Sorry for being absent from here. I’ve been sewing but just didn’t get motivated to write a post or just have been busy getting ready for the new year (school year starts in April and my oldest will enter Elementary which is a very big deal here in Japan). Also, I might get back to my former job from April, which is Clinical Psychologist, so it keeps me very busy too.

So. Enough reasoning for my absense? Anyway, now I’m writing a new post because it is Selfish Sewing Week!


I made this yet another Lane Raglan last year, but I used same fabric for the neckband and it was totally disaster. I was meaning to change the neckband for months… and finally did it.

I ripped serged seam and put new neckband cut from rib knit. I think every neckband should be made with ribbed knit. I always mess up with using same fabric with the body. How about you?


I posted this above pic on Instagram and wrote a caption like this, “Now I totally understand why sewers pose with their hands on their waist. To show your perfectly matched stripes!” Oh, and I still think this is one of my most matched stripe side seams ever.

Both of the fabric, stripe french terry and grey french terry is from my Esty shop. The color of the stripe is called “fresh green” but it is very subtle and beautiful.


It’s getting warmer here and it means it is pollen season. I have a HEAVY cedar pollen allergy. I don’t literally go out as less as possible. I love watching beautiful spring seanery, blooming flowers especially cherry blossoms, but I can’t. Ugh.


Are you sewing along something for yourself?

Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Another Lane Raglan

  1. Annika says:

    I’m a sucker for stripes and the Lane is a fav, too! You really look great!

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